Materials With a Purpose

Red Dry-X WPB - Raincoats Yellow Twill Face 2 Layer WPB - Raincoats 3m reflective tape Red Print Softshell Fleece

We searched far and wide to find the applicable materials that are tough yet soft. We want you to focus on having fun knowing that your dog is protected from the elements. Our Vizslas are our QA team. They do an awesome job!

We use technical textiles that are high in quality and perform to our requirements. Technical textiles are products made with textiles designed for a very specific application. These textiles do not focus on the appearance of the product, but on the function.
At Performance Dog Wear, we strive to make our products stylish and as pretty as we can; however, our focus is on the performance of the textile. For example, we all need to be seen. One key feature of our products is the reflective material which enhances visibility of your dog at night or in low light conditions. We use reflective materials as embellishments and decoration. We also use fluorescent color fabrics to enhance daytime and low light visibility. The way this product works is that when it is illuminated by a light source (like a vehicle’s lights), the reflective material returns the light back toward the original source (like the driver). For what purpose? For safety!


The following provides some technical information about the materials we use to make our products. We use textiles that are waterproof, breathable, lightweight and durable. Please see our FAQs page to learn how to care for our products.

Nanotex® Technology keeps apparel looking fresh as new even after wear and tear and a tumble or two in the washer.  This means your dog’s coat will last several seasons (unless, of course, your dog just keeps growing like Raylan). Durable water resistant (DWR) fabric repels rain and dries faster.

XTL fabric is abrasion resistant for longer wear life. This fabric has an ultra-thin membrane delivering superior, 20X water proofing and breathability. It’s lightweight, yet durable. The bonded 2-layer W/P/B XTL fabric has a stable weave that maintains its shape and color after seasons of intense use. Our Softshell fabrics are a new generation of textiles that combine many functions into one fabric by combining the fabrics during the manufacturing process. Typically, a softshell fabric has a woven fabric bonded to a fleece fabric on the inside. A waterproof, breathable membrane is typically put in the middle to create a fabric that is waterproof, but still breathable. They feature a knit with Lycra on the outside to give the fabric a superior level of stretch which makes them very comfortable.

We do not cut corners on the little things. We  use high tensile strength thread: Upholstery-grade and UV resistant, size 46, 100% polyester.

  • Stretch woven Durable Water Resistant
  • Polartec Powerstretch with Durable Water Resistance – liquids roll right off.
  • Polartec Classic 200.
  • ANSI certified reflective tape.
  • Floriani embroidery thread and design collections, stabilizers
  • Thinsulate: resists becoming wet, maintains most of its warmth when soaked, twice as warm as the same thickness of down.
  • Velcro Hook and Loop, high tensile strength
  • KAM Snaps: these are used in baby diapers and hold very well.
  • Military grade webbing of high tensile strength but thin and lightweight.