Custom Dog Jacket Winter Sale

CUSTOM DOG JACKET WINTER SALE! Our WINTER DOG COATS are on sale through March 31, 2015. Take 30% off each custom winter dog coat; use coupon code: winter14. Your pooch will be ready with these features: waterproof, durable softshell in your choice of: green (limited availability), brown, blue print (limited availability), purple reflective tape for … Continued

Custom Made Dog Jacket for Your Chug

Custom Made Dog Jacket for Your Chug We are glad you made it here! We understand how difficult it is to find a custom made jacket that fits your Chug. Your Pughuahua may look more like a Chihuahua with the forehead of a Pug. Or, may look more like a Pug weighing about 20 pounds … Continued

Handmade Dog Jackets for Working Dogs

Handmade Dog Jackets for working dogs There is no reason for your service dog or working dog to be cold or wet. Performance Dog Wear can embroider or attach the proper signage on your dog’s jacket to fulfill the requirements of notification. Although service dogs are not considered pets, they can still benefit from wearing … Continued

Custom Made Dog Coats for Large Breeds

Wearables for Large Dogs Large breeds have joined the wearables revolution! No, it is not a clothing line. Wearables are cutting edge wearable technology devices more suitable for larger dogs and their human. Think Dick Tracy. Why not? Dedicated wearable fitness devices are the “thang” for humans since last year like the featured image from Sony. … Continued

Home Remedy For Dog Tear Stains

Home Remedy for Dog Tear Stains Tear Stains in Your Dog’s Fur Try this home remedy for dog tear stains. Tear stains in your dog’s fur is not what you want to see when you look in his pretty eyes. You can try any number of things, including home remedies, to keep your light-colored pooch’s … Continued

Winter Dog Jacket for the Boxer Dogs

Boxers are house dogs who need a custom made winter dog jacket. If your Boxer dog is looking at you with his soulful eyes, and absolutely will not go out to potty, is because this square-jawed hunk does not like the cold. Their short noses and short coat make them unsuited to living outdoors. They … Continued

Labradoodle Dog Jackets handmade for your lab-poodle mix

Labradoodle Dog Jackets Handmade for Your Lab-Poodle Mix If you have made it this far, you are most likely the lucky owner of one of our favorite furry blends. Labradoodles are known for their fun personality and amazing temperament.  If you are like me, it is super important to have your pets with you as … Continued

Custom Vizsla Jacket – Handmade to fit Vizsla Jackets

Custom Vizsla Jacket Vizsla dogs are shaped in a funny way which is why only custom made will do. There aren’t any jackets out there shaped like a Vizsla dog.  It’s very frustrating.  Imagine extremely sloped shoulders, very deep chest and a small butt. Mass marketed jackets may fit around the neck but not around the … Continued

Let’s Help St. Jude’s

Why St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital? We believe in their cause. Children are our future. They are our legacy. Children’s laughter brightens our days. Let us celebrate life. Make a powerful statement about who you are and what you stand for by helping us help St. Jude’s reach their goal. Many families with dogs know … Continued

Is a Redneck Dog a Beer?

When we talk about a redneck dog, we are not talking about a famous beer, or the name of a football team or a big man’s sweater or Jeff Foxworthy. A redneck dog is the dog that eats a dozen perfectly shaped, seasoned and prepared hamburgers in the blink of an eye while you were … Continued